Mt. Everest Expedition - Summit

Dear Friends

Ralf decided not to go for the summit last night due to a bad cold, so he stayed at Camp 4 at 8,300m to wait for Gerlinde. Gerlinde set off as planned and reached the top of Mount Everest without the use of supplementary oxygen in the early hours of the afternoon Nepali Time. At about 2pm we received a phone call that she had arrived at Camp 4. Both were planning to descend a bit further after a short rest.

Congratulations! And please get back down to base camp safe and sound.

Regards from Gerlinde & Ralf’s team

Update 26.05.2010

Gerlinde and Ralf arrived at the Chinese base camp at 1am on Tuesday morning, and on the same evening they returned to their own little base camp below the North Face, where the yaks had already been waiting for them – one day too early! However, they packed up their camp very quickly and are currently on their way back to the Chinese base camp. They are hoping to be able to reach Nyalam today.